Monday, August 29, 2011


Here are the photos I took yesterday :) the piercing plan failed since the friend of a friend who would pierce our ears was hungover and her hands were shaking, so instead we met up spontaneously in a pretty unexpected company and had a very fun and positive day :) The first picture is me @ Double Coffee, stealing the wi-fi :P

Kristaps and his new hair cut!

Elizabete, with her beaaautiful hair :)
Ieva Madara looking great as always ;D 

Kristaps getting his photo taken at Galerija Centrs street fashion thing

Diana, doesn't belong to me though :D 

Finally bought new earphones, the bass sounds so good from these and they were cheap :D 

Me and Kristaps

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  1. Cik pasaule maza, es ar Ievu Madaru gāju vienā bērnudārzā, vienā grupiņā :D ;) + Jūs abas smuki izskataties!
    Laura Bindule