Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chase & Status - Fire In Your Eyes

A photo that I took on my way home today. I have a thing for dramatic skies..
Just a shout out to let you know I'm still alive! Haven't been home all day, spent it in the capital city with some friends and it was fantastic! Especially the inline, BMX and MTB finals at the shopping mall Galerija Centrs, since some of the guys were so good looking and talented :D I took many pictures of the MTB finals, didn't do so for the Inline skating and BMX, unfortunately.. So yeah, I've got tons of pics to show you, but I'm very tired, I'm only human so it might take some time..
Tomorrow is my last day here and I'm gonna meet Kristaps in town. So weird that it's the last day. This month in Latvia has been fantastic, I've met soooo many amazing people, been to so many interesting places/events, ahh it was perfect : )))
Also I got my first official modeling job, kind of funny, but in a month or two, people in UK will see my photo on mobile phone top-up cards, haha..


  1. thank you so much for answering my question on formspring! you inspire me very much! xx

  2. I really love the heavy clouds in the background! I love skies too!
    Oh really ?? Okay, i need to buy this sim card then :D Congratulations !