Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Closet clean-up

I'm home from school now. Today was a pretty boring day, but I gotta get used to it, I guess. Already have some homework, but I've got lots of frees during the day, so I can use that time to do it, as always :) I also looked in my closet and decided it's time for a REVOLUTION :D I have waaay too many clothes and I don't wear half of them! I will take out everything that I don't use, will put it into bags, so I could take them to clothswaps, or sell them or something. Let me know via formspring if you're already interested in something that you've seen on my blog previously, cause I might just be selling it :D
Ps. sorry for the bad quality pictures, the lights are so bad in my room! Note to self: when I get my own appartment, it will be bright, with lots of windows :)))


  1. I'm interested :) but I don't know what you want to sell. I saw some nice things on this blog :)

  2. Could you show us, what you want to sell? I think it would be easier, before a lot of people send requests to a lot of clothes :D