Thursday, September 15, 2011

Extrabold photoshoot

I'm finally home, it's been such a long day... Tired, in bed, eating dinner and drinking chocolate milk.. The shoot @ extrabold went great, it was fun and also nice to meet Carolyn again, the girl behind Blogbuster :) Since I had a 50% discount on their clothes cause of the shoot, I bought Dr Denim Kissy black jeans/leggings, and I'll buy two pairs of wedge boots soon, I think.. They're damn expensive but I do have the 50% discount, so yessss :))) Now I'm gonna watch The Mentalist (surprised?) and then go to sleep, as I've another long day coming up tomorrow. Sweet dreams, sleep tight ♥

PS: in the photo you can see my new Topshop flats, by the way :)

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  1. nice dress, xoxo.