Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Me and Maria, one of the coolest girls I know :)
Hey Maria, I know you're reading this, well I just thought it would be funny to surprise you :P I just wanted to say that I really liked all the things today, so I don't know.. but as a consolation, I could give you something else, that I think you might like, I'll tell you about it tomorrow heh (: see you!

On a different note, I am now in bed, soon going to sleep (I know, early, right?). Don't want to look too tired for my photoshoot tomorrow.. Something that bugs me is that I suddenly got so many little pimples on my face, just in time for the shoot :P they're are very small and almost invisible, but then again, I do see a difference between totally clear skin, and slightly spotty skin :P also, it's always better to have very good skin for photoshoots.. Maybe the pimples have a connection with the fact that I'm gaining so much weight recently? Do you have any other ideas? I don't know much about this stuff, so I'm kind of lost :D However, I do wash my make up off before sleeping, pretty much every night and I use tea tree oil for pimples.


  1. youre eyes look so nice cute and sexy . xoxo

  2. haha youre right i am :D yea we'll talk about it tomorrow, nice surprise though :) xx

  3. Well you know since you said you gained a lot of weight it could be the food you eat! Beause a healthy alimentation mostly equals good pure skin under the conditions that you wash your face in the morning and afternoon :) and drink a lot of water ofc, not all these sweet stuff if you get what i mean! Just try to eat healthy and drink also green tea it helps so much!! x

  4. It could be because of what you eat. Some people get little pimples because of to much chocolate or things like that

  5. my skin condition often changes when i go on holidays for a longer period (i have no idea why, maybe its the air or cause i eat/drink different) so maybe it's cos you just got back from Latvia..

  6. Sometimes pimples simply appear, you can only hope they will go away. If they don't then there is a point to obsessing about their possible causes. Otherwise it's pretty pointless, because it's hard to tell, why they are there.

  7. Hello Kristiana!

    I take this chance to tell you how much I like your blog!
    The pimples and weight gain could be due to some hormonal change.

    I have found nivea cream ( the most simple one, the one in the blue tin box) to be extremely effective! you might want to give it a try :)

    XX Ellie

  8. you are very pretty girls! I like the style you blog and your e-diary is gorgeous!))

    follow me :)