Monday, September 26, 2011

Random birthday things

18 pink roses from parents

 Candy and drinks from friends :D 
Birthday breakfast/lunch with parents, eating a strawberry cake.. and everyone drank champagne, except me because i don't really like it :S

A cute blue box which contained my sister's presents for me (a checkered red shirt dress and a belt)

And I made it my new emergency candy box :D 


  1. Can you show your presents?

  2. happy belated birthday! I love kinder chocolate (it can be a bit expensive here in the US sometimes), it's also fun to look at the different packaging for american chocolate like snickers ;]

    Enjoy being 18, it's a fun year!


  3. oh my gott! thanks for the blogvorstellung :D sorry for my english :D thank you verry verry verry mutch :)

  4. While I read your blog I was ate snickers, what a coincident.