Thursday, September 29, 2011

School photo

I got my school photo today :) I actually like it, because it's simple, the colors are calm (except for my black cardigan :P), but I think I look kind of shocked or surprised :D Anyway, it's kind of sad, because it's the last time ever that I'm doing this.. Let's take a few steps back... my very first school photo, when I started primary school in Finland, and my last three school photos (I can't find any other ones at the moment :/). What do you think and which one do you prefer? :)


  1. awww your primary school photo is the cutest!

  2. you look so pretty in all of them :)
    this might sound weird but you look a lot like your little brother in the photo from 2000 :')

  3. You look gorgeous in all of the pictures!!

    x Aliya

  4. One of the most beautiful lady in the world, have a great day.

  5. OMG you were a baby in 2000, I'm always surprised at how young you are. So cute ;]