Monday, September 5, 2011

White Lies - To Lose My Life

I'm ready to go to town soon, will meet my girls Amalie and Gabriele. You have no idea how excited I am, since I haven't seen these two in more than a month! Last night I braided my hair when it was wet, so it's a bit wavy today. I really like it like this! Naturally my hair is super straight and even if I make it wavy, as soon as it gets wet, for example, from rain, it goes back to straight. So annoying! What do you prefer on me: straight or wavy? 

You can use ghd straighteners to both curl your hair and straighten it, so you can create any style you like! If you check out the site you can browse their range of stylers online.


  1. i think you should be happy that your hair gets straight if it's rainy, mine gets curly then and it's annoying! I like it both, wavy and straight (:

  2. You´re sooo lucky to have straight hair ! I struggle a lot to have straight hair because it´s so thick! And until recently, it was always sooo pouffy when it got wet in the rain or so, but now it´s nice and wavy naturally, which i like because it´s manageable, and means when i wake up, i don´t always have to do something with my hair. But i still think naturally straight hair is more manageable O:)
    I think it looks really nice on you though- a different look. And the tousseled hair look, lokks more kind of natural and not like perfectly-made-up. :)

  3. you're lucky to have manageable hair buttt i do like a wave to it!
    also, i know you love coloured skies.. well i just did a whole post on them! hehe xxxxx