Sunday, October 30, 2011

Babyshambles - Carry Up On The Morning

 Just woke up.. with yesterday's make-up, doh! Last night we celebrated Adam's birthday and it was pretty awesome, but I was soooooooo tired, like always actually, so i was home around 1 and watched Desperate Housewives until I fell asleep. I have holidays now and I already got some plans.. I will change my layout, already got an idea. The two sidebar thing will stay the same, because if i change it, i have to change every single post, one by one, like i did last time, which was a year ago, when i didn't have THAT many posts.. (even then I had a lot of work though). Also, tomorrow is my first driving lesson... I'm kind of scared, hah. I also need to take care of university things, like personal statement, also decide which exact uni i wanna go to (i'm soo late with that). I will also meet my friends, will spend some time with Amalie, can't waiiiiit ♥

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