Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bad update

Me and one of my best friends, Jonas, at Anne-Marie's place on Friday
Hey guys! Sorry for the bad update. But, as usual, I'm pretty much not home at all on Fridays and Saturdays or I have very little time to update. On Friday I was sick and tired but somehow I pulled myself together and went to Anne-Marie's warm up for a few hours. On Saturday I woke up early, did a lot of tidying and cleaning and in the evening I went to see Johnny English. It was absolutely hilarious, Mr Bean forever hahah ♥ After that I chilled with some friends at Interview and played cards etc. Today, however, is gonna be a long, boring day filled with homework, essays, revision, etc..
Gonna start with my french essay.. by the way, last time I spent 2 or more hours on my french homework (it was to do the comprehension+interpretation part from last year's french BAC) and I got 8 :D I'm so proud, and I wanna get an 8 or better in my essay part of the BAC, so yep.


  1. You look amazingly beautiful on this picture n_n.
    Congratualtion for your good mark in French !

  2. Wow you are beautiful !!
    And great blog <33

  3. Mais du coup, tu parles fran├žaiiiis !