Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beautiful Lies

Good morning :) Half asleep, listening to Chase & Status and getting ready for school. Last night I could not update, since I started studying as soon as I got home. Today I will do my Cooper's Test again, because last time I got a 3/10, and the last two lessons I have a test in German, on the book called The Visit in English and Der Besuch der alten Dame in German.
The weather sucks today, so I'm probably going to wear my Doc Martens.. I might as well start living in them..

PS: I'm NOT naked there.


  1. I hate the cooper test. I managed to get a 6.3 and the highest in the class was a 7 i think. C'EST IMPOSSIBLE. i literally crawled out of the gym on my hands and knees :p

  2. I am from germany and I also red this book at school - it sucks. hate it :D Hope you did well int the test :)