Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is what I wore yesterday at the filming :) Me and Amalie participated in a commercial for a new drink, it was at a bar/club called Dean (@ Clausen). It was really exhausting and I only got home a bit before 12. Even now, in the morning, my whole body hurts, got a severe headache.. but at least it was fun :)
Now I'm gonna get ready for school. Not sure if I can update later today, I mean, I will most likely skip my job interview at Secret Garden (nightclub), because I have to study so much for tomorrow and Friday, since I got two prebacs, and a literature presentation >< doh... Have a nice day!


  1. very nice blog :)

  2. is Dean nice? Every thursday the university of lux has a students night there, everything's really cheap if you bring the uni's student ID... been thinking of going but i've heard mixed views about Dean.
    Good luck with all the studying :)