Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Like punching in a dream

Hello! I wanna start off with that I love all my readers, you are what keep me going, so thanks for all the comments, mails and so on! It sucks that I don't have time to answer them usually, but I do SMIIIIILE at every one of them :)
Today started off with running again, ran several kilometers to prepare for the test next week. I will DIE. I hate running. Not my thing at all. I get a cramp after running 100 meters, so how can I run several kilometers in 12 minutes (to get full marks)? :P After school I went to town with Maria to help her find things to buy with her giftcard that we got her for her birthday. I'm jealous! I need to go shopping soon, but first I've to save money, because I'm always so poor haha :(
Tonight will be another busy night with schoolwork, mostly for latvian, gotta prepare presentations, to the 6-8 (not sure) latvians in the year below me, about some literature pieces. bleurgh :P

PS: This is a part of my outfit today. The top is from New Yorker, Julia gave it to me! (thanks agaaaaain!)


  1. OH MY GOSH! i know exactly how you feel, for me running is... a pain in the arse haha! i also did this kind of thing where you need to run like 4-5 km in 12 mins.. there are special techniques how to breath so you last longet without dying hehe just google it because i cant remember... MUCH SUCCESSS :D

  2. could you please show us more detailed whats in that secret shelf of yours? :D

  3. i knew that colour would suit you! i'm glad all the nice clothes aren't collecting dust in my wardrobe anymore ;) x