Thursday, October 13, 2011


Ordered a new bag from New Look recently. It's not very big, but I needed a new little bag which is big enough for my camera.. Sadly, this one turns out to be just a liiiitlle bit bigger than my old back small bag, so if I wanna bring my camera, I can't bring my wallet and other things.. :D But I still like it :) The picture doesn't do it justice though. Not at all.
I'm also quite surprised that I actually received it, because when I was writing in my details, I wrote my address in Luxembourg, and I chose the Europe delivery, but on my comfirmation e-mail it said that I'd apparently chosen the UK standart delivery. Turns out I also paid the price for that. 4 pounds instead of 5. So I freaked out, thinking it won't arrive since I didn't pay the full price, plus I had "chosen" UK delivery. So imagine my surprise when I actually received it :D


  1. Nice bag :) i like the goldblack mix:D and who doesbt love these surprises hihi

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    xx, see you soon !