Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12

Hey ♥ today was a long, boring day. Some of you wanted to know how my running test went, well I got 3/10, it's not more than I expected, but then again, everything counts for the BAC so I might try again next week.. Today I have SO much to do. A math test first thing in the morning, and two latvian literature presentations, each 10 minutes long, in front of the class.. FMLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Okay, I'm gonna go and study now. Have scheduled an outfit post for you later, by the way. xo


  1. Maybe you should listen to music while running ! It helps me when I have running test in classes and that I want to get good marks :) It helps me think about something else !

  2. Omg! Gym, whatever you call that class ( sport class ? ).. it counts in your BAC ?? Mine last year it didn't count since it's not that important ( according to the Minister of Education) compared to Math, science, English etc...