Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rebeka's surprise warm-up

Last night we organized a surprise warm-up party for Rebeka, whose 18th birthday was on Tuesday. It was so fun! 

Some of the girls here: Me, Rebeka (over excited I suppose?), Gabriele, Heleret and Marta!

 Me and Heleret waiting for the pizza
Big discussion? 

 Danish friend Skipper!

Rebeka after opening her presents ♥ 

Heleret, Krisztina and me, we left a bit early to go to the gig @ Rocas


  1. where are your leather shorts from?:)

  2. it was on monday kristiana.... :D

  3. Jaukas tās sarkanās laiviņas un šķiet savādi redzēt kādu oktobrī staigājam sandalēs :D LV jau cimdi un zābaki jāvelk.