Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's outfit

(H&M boys parka, bag, doc martens)

My outfit today was very simple, and mostly to protect myself from the cold and rain (my iPhone weather app lied to me again). Just so you know, I got a 5.5 in my running test, which is much better than my 3 from last time. I didn't have time to update before now, because I started studying as soon as I got home. I'm so sick of school and studying all the time,aaaaghhhh. Can't wait for Friday, when I will have a girls night, first at Maria's house watching movies and eating, and going clubbing to town at night :) Will be so great to catch a break from all this! Now I'm gonna go to sleep, so I could get some proper sleep (for example, today I fell asleep during my German test, lol). Goodnight xo