Sunday, November 6, 2011


Good morning :) I'm wide awake and starving (note to self: go to kitchen after posting). Last night was great, just with a couple of friends, chilling outside Rocas with loud rock music and drinking beer :D
Today's plan was a casting and clothes swap, but because it is a Sunday and the casting is in Esch, it's a bit difficult with transport, so, as much as it hurts (it was a charity fashion show - good for my personal statement and many other things), I'll have to cancel that. Anyway, I'm going to a clothes swap at 4 PM, until that I should do some school-related things :D
Hopefully later I'll be able to show some photos from last night and today's casting :) Over and out!


  1. Kāpēc tev nevar uzdot jautājumus ? man uzreiz met ārā logu, kad ir jāreģistrējas. BTW tu esi ļoti forša un ar labu gaumi. :) xx

  2. var uzdot, viss kārtībā :) paldies!