Tuesday, November 1, 2011

About a girl, pt.2

Since so many of you seemed to like the photos I posted earlier today, here are some more :D My mum made the white long-sleeved body that I'm wearing, the shorts are from Bik Bok, around 3 years old, or so, and the lipstick is from a latvian brand called Dzintars (latvians will know :))


  1. your long-sleeved body is awesome!! your mum is very talented.(:

  2. perfect (: perfect outfit, perfect make-up and hair ;)

    very beautiful pictures! (:

  3. Oh i want that longsleeve x) its so unique and it fits you perfectly !

  4. i absolutely love the top!

    It's gorgeous and unique! I'm quite jealous!

    love love loveee!
    what is it made out of? xx