Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All black

Heyhey! This was my outfit today, with my Mango booties and black trench coat, and the hair was down too (I put it up at home because it's easier). Today when I got home, I made myself some pasta carbonara and immediately got down to my UCAS stuff, because our deadline is in two days... I need to finish my personal statement and decide which 5 unis I will apply to (i had it all figured out, but then I found some new ones..), so I'm gonna try do that now :D


  1. haha your post ist very nicely made :D

  2. Pretty pictures :)
    You`re coming to England to study ?? Where in England do you want to go to ?
    Good luck with it :)

  3. Oh god UCAS is so stressful!! What did you decide to do & where?

  4. Is that skirt from H&M?