Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home sweet home

Heyhey! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday but I just got home from Amalie's place. It was fuuun! First we had a long photoshoot, then we went to town to meet some girls for clothes-related things, then chilled @ interview, then met Jonas and looked around clubs, to see which one we should have for our pre-bac party, then we had a drink @ Dean (the bar where me and Amalie were filmed), then went back to Interview, then home :D I wore my black heels from Seppala without any tights, so I've blisters on my feet now :(
Anyway, that was a little summary :D and here's a photo that Amalie took of me yesterday :) ♥


  1. seems like you had fun! :)
    I like the picture! :)


  2. beautiful photo :) the colours are lovely and neutral !