Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Skrillex @ Brussels this weekend, f*** yeeeeah :D! I can't wait! And on Friday there's a school party (black and white theme) at the nightclub Melusina, I also can't wait for that :D Then next morning, off to Brussels, walk around the town, go to Delirium and then Skrillex until 6 AM at some club :D I'm gonna die from the amazingness of this weekend, haha, I'm so excited!
Now I just gotta get through this awful week of school! As you may have noticed, the more I do for school, the less I can update (logical, I guess), but I'll try my best. Also, it's annoying that every time I come home, it's dark, too dark to take photos, and my camera is too heavy to take with me to school every day.
But let's return to the goooood stuff....SKRILLEX :D!!!!

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