Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st of December


Me and Max!

Jason and Maxi



Sofia :)
Some random photos from today in ICT :D It was generally a relaxing day, my french teacher was absent so I had three free periods in a row, where I did my math and biology homework so my evening is pretty free :) It's also my little brother's 7th birthday so me and my sister gave him a really cool Ben 10 car (it was very appreciated!) and we're soon going to eat cake :)))) Also Skrillex is coming to Luxembourg in May (announced today) and I've ordered my ticket, I seriously cannot wait :D! I'm gonna shout "DO YOU REMEMBER MEEEEE?!" hahahah! Perhaps I can find a way to get a backstage pass, that would be so epic.. Yes, generally a good day. :D 


  1. i like the contrast between all black ensemble and your hair.

  2. Kāpēc tu tik daudz tās melnās drēbes valkā? Tev taču daudz labāk piestāv gaišie toņi, melns, godīgi sakot, nepiestāv.