Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas outfit

This is what I wore on Christmas eve. I actually got ready in 10 minutes, still had yesterday's make up, my hair was greasy and messy so I just brushed it and put it up.. The dress is from (will make that review asap!) It's actually purple, I think the color looks different in these photos, so I'll later upload some more that I took with my dad's camera.. :) Talking about gifts, I got a simple black jumper (very very simple, with long sleeves, I really wanted it), simple black ballerinas, pink crystal earrings and half of the money for my new camera. On New years, I'll [apparently] get the other half, heh ;D

PS: Thanks for all the positive comments for my post about internet security. Also, don't forget that I don't answer questions in comments (like I've already stated in the comments section), so if you want me to answer your questions, ask them on formspring or send me a private mail. Hope you understand ♥


  1. you look beautiful , nice dress ;)
    merry christmas ;)

  2. her dress is so cute (:
    kisses from Brazil ^^