Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good feeling

I am so happy! I know the image doesn't really match my current feelings, but it's not important. I feel great, it's like a big weight has been lifted on my shoulders, because I finally finished my part of my UCAS application! I applied for business management/retail management and marketing at Loughborough University, University of Surrey, University of Kent, King's College and Royal Holloway. I cannot wait to see what they answer, once my referee has sent off my application with my reference. This is so exciting, haha! I finally have my life back :D All the universities are either in London or near London (a matter of a train ride or so), which is exactly what I always wanted! However, I might also apply to some universities in the Netherlands too, just to have a bigger choice. Now I'm gonna go relax, it is well deserved, believe me. Goodnight, sweethearts ♥


  1. congrats! I remember doing college apps and the feeling like a never ending pile of things to do! And then I had that same thing for graduate school apps it literally felt like I was taking an extra course during school! Goodluck!


  2. ah, kent is my favourite university! i just got my offers from them and chose them as my firm choice, i so so hope i get the grades to get in! good luck x

  3. come to the Nederlands haha. It's great here!
    x Dutch girl

  4. congrats! and nice photo :)
    I've always wanted to study in London, too! But I'm afraid I won't be able to because it's too expensive..

  5. congrats on being done with your apps. i'm at kent now so if you need any info, just holla at me