Monday, December 19, 2011


Me last week.. I really wish I could wear long earrings more, but I can only do it once or twice a month, it's horrible..

My sister makes really good berry cold drinks

This is my life during the last months. On a relatively good day. 

Skrillex ticket for May '12

My mango shorts! I wanted to sell them, but then I tried them on again and fell in love once more, especially with my mango booties and gina tricot black long cardigan...

Geography notes for my prebac... 
Hey peeps! Tomorrow I won't be home till very late evening or night. I can't tell you why yet, when I do, it'll make sense to you. I'm also going to wear my new dress, another gift from Krisztina. It's so so so simple, but yet so nice, and I wanted it for SUCH a long time... ♥


  1. you're so pretty :) love the b/w pictures!

  2. Oh, i love Skrillex!
    Liebe Grüße, Jasmin

  3. On the first picture you look so beautiful :) I love your hauir!

  4. you have a nice handwriting ;)