Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photobomb II

So here is the second photobomb of today :-) This one will contain more pictures of my friends - mostly from Friday from the warm up @ Gabriele's place.

Me giving Heleret a gold/black smokey eye. And the other one too.

Amalie *so gangsTAH* (you won't understand :D)

Yesterday, trying out outfit shots in the nice morning light. Seems like my sister is finally getting the hang of the new lens!

We were having so much fun at the table :DD

Zsofia and Rebeka :)

My new hairbow ;)
Krisztina :)

Uuuh, everything's so funny all the time


Rebeka, and her cool nails

Pretty : )

Love this jumper so much, I need more fluffy jumpers, definitely :D

Gabriele and Krisztina taking photos of themselves when no one's looking. Quelle surprise..

Heleret :)

Awwww ♥

PS: Sorry for the no-order whatsoever in this photobomb, but I don't have time right now to sort all the photos out!
PS2: Girls, if you want the photos from Friday, give me a USB :D
PS3: Amalie, i have SO many photos to give you, so the same applies to you :D


Ever since I first saw (clickable :D) I fell in love with these bags.. they're all the same, just different color. Size looks perfect. Shape too. I'm really considering such a bag, or at least similar for school, cause my modekungen one is getting boring.. Which color do you think is the best out of these 4? I somehow like all, and if I have enough money, I might buy all :D

PS. if you're interested, the bags can be bought here (click)


I just realised how many photos I take and how few of them I actually publish.. Then I realised that today, I will not only make one photobomb, as usual on Sundays, but two photobombs!

Just looking at these makes my mouth water...

My pretty friend Maria :)

Some stuff I got from Sephora. I love the eyeshadow palette, and I might buy some of those colors!

After swimming some time ago.. Oh and this is how my hair looks after washing and drying :D


Amalie's hair and make up at the film!

Me getting my hair done. I didn't really like my hairstyle, but since it was a paid job I couldn't complain :P dammmnn

Love this pink pearl bracelet

On the last exam day in December, chilling in interview, and making "cool" hairstyles with scarves, ahha..

Aaaaaad my wavy/curly hair, love it!

New in

So yesterday when I went shopping, I didn't only buy the top, but also a couple of other little things! Here they are:

Tribal necklace from Six. Cost 1 euro, reduced from 10! I've always wanted this kind of necklace, I also remember H&M had something like that but I didn't really like them there. So now I'm a happy girl!

@ H&M Kids, I found these cute earrings :D

Bought these for 5 euro. Well needed!

And a hair bow from Six, also for 1 euro (there are hundreds of 1 euro things in Six right now). I think the color is lovely and it looks really nice with my hair! Wore it the whole day when I came home. It's so soft and light.. ahh, love ♥

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Nora is my absolute favourite Luxembourg-based blogger! I swear, I check her blog at least 5 times a day. She always has some cool outfits to share (OFTEN), and always finds something interesting to share. She updates REALLY much, and you can really see that she takes care of her blog (okay, I make "blog" sound as if it was an animal haha). I really think this girl deserves more visitors, because she's only 15 and has such a great style! I'm jealous of all her clothes :D I think my wardrobe+her wardrobe in my room would make a great match. Nahh, don't worry Nora, I won't steal your clothes! Click on the pictures to go to her blog ♥

Pendulum - Witchcraft

I just posted a new look on lookbook! I've practically been living in this jumper for the last few days, it's so warm and soft, and I just feel like touching the material all the time :D You can get it here (click).

PS: In the last post, Steffi was the only one who guessed it right! Click here to go to her blog!

Pink lace top

Today I purchased this pretty lace top. Awwwwww! I'm in love with such things ♥ It was only 6 euros but me and my sister both liked it so we paid 1/2 and we will each wear it :P
I'll add a link in the next post to the blogger which guesses first from which shop I bought this!

Yesterday's outfit

Morning! This is what I wore last night. I've got lots more pictures and I'll post them later! Now I'm getting ready to take my sister shopping, to shops she normally wouldn't go to. Later! xo

Friday, January 28, 2011


Heyhey! I've had a really chill day, and now I'm at home, have to finish some stuff and then get ready to go out. Tonight's plans: Gabriele's place for dinner around 9, town at 11 or 11:30, and then party with the girls, woohoo!! Will take my camera with me, of course. Oh and if you have any outfit suggestions, they'd be well appreciated, because I'm kinda stuck. Have a great Friday! ♥

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's outfit

Here's what I wore today. Some of the new things, already :-)

My outside outfit

My inside outfit

Simple, but really comfortable! Plus, my whitney lace up boots from Boohoo. I'm in LOVE with my new parka thing. I will probably wear it way too much. ♥

This is how I like to shop

Hey! Here's the things I bought yesterday in H&M (minus the bra, i don't wanna show photos of my underwear, so that strangers wouldn't know what underwear I'm wearing) :P

Remember this(click) post? So yesterday I walk into H&M and see one of the sweaters (in red though), hanging there for 5 euro! It would be a crime not to buy it, especially when I'm in such a sweater deficit. The original price was 20 euro.

In H&M Kids I found this lovely hat for 5 euro. Original price was 8 euro.

In H&M Boys I found this parka type of jacket for 5 euro(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Original price was 30 euro.

In H&M Kids (again) I found this purple big sweater for 3 euro!! Woohoo :D

The photos don't do the clothes any justice, but I was in a hurry when I took them :-( Anyway, this is how I like to shop. Everything as cheap as possible. Instead of spending 90 euro (all original prices together) I spent 17 euro. And I actually needed all these things, really much. Score or what?

These are the clothes that (click) sent me! The shop has VERY many things to choose from and is INCREDIBLY cheap. The quality of the clothes is good compared to the price and the shipment was fast!
Here are the links to the things I received, just check out the prices - HELLO?! Take in account also that 1$ = 0.73 €
Fluffly jumper link, high waisted shorts link, pink bow jumper link

Be sure to visit, I highly recommend it because it's so cheap and has such nice things :-) When I had the chance to choose some things, I spent hours searching, cause there's a lot from everything (dresses, tops, shorts, bags(!!!), etc)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy girl

Heyhey! Today I shopped really nicely, I found some things that I really needed. (first photo). I was already so happy about my buys, for a number of reasons, when I came home and noticed that the shop I talked about sent me the clothes, woohoo :D So now I have 8 new things, and I only spent 17 euros! happyhaaaaappppyyyyyygirl! Goodnight xo