Saturday, April 30, 2011


Some earrings that I bought last week
in Riga
Hellowww. Today is my last day here in Latvia! I'm about to go to the bus, because I will meet my cousin today and we will go to get our manicures done, because one website offered me a gift card. Nice, hehee! In the evening I'm going to study biology, not looking forward... bye-bye!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Me by Elizabete

I dont know what to post tonight and I cant upload any new photos until Sunday, so tonight Ill just post photos that my friend took of me :) I like the fact that they are kind of summery! Goodnight xo


Heyhey! im now with my friend Kristaps @ Kongresu nams, i'm waiting for him to finish his job, he is decorating the stage for a concert tonight. Im on his mac, just reading formsprings and stuff. Oh,oh,ohhhh! Today we went to some vintage shops, I bought two jackets and Levis shorts :) one of the jackets is the one i'm wearing in the photo. Its navy blue with big white buttons. LOOOOOOVE!!! By the way, sorry for the quality of the photo, but its dark in here, so.. :) well i'm off now, see ya!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random photos from Latvia

My friend Kristaps with his good-impression glasses :D
Cutting pizza with scissors is much easier and faster, true story!!
Pizza prostituto, as my cousin calls it :D

Boring day

Hey :) Today I will probably stay home I think, and I will try to study, do some homework and read a book for school. Gotta do this boring stuff on holidays too :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My dream house

Today I saw my dream house..It's empty, old, the garden is completely let down, the paint was coming off from the walls of the house.. It's always been a dream of mine to buy a really old, lonely house like this and make it my own (like in The Notebook). Of course I would tidy up the garden, have nice interior and so on. Obviously, I wouldn't mind too much having a very cool and modern house as an alternative. However, I think nothing could replace living in a big, old house like this.. What is your dream house/apartment like?


Photo from last week
Good morning ♥ I'm up and ready at 10:25 (wow), because we're going to an aquapark today. I'll take my camera with me, perhaps I can take some photos, if it's not too dangerous for the camera :D  It's the second day in a row that my legs are bare and my face is make-up free. I smell summer :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My friend Kristaps :D
Hehe :D
The prodigy ♥

Yesterday me, my cousin and Kristaps met and we spent some time at the donuts. It was fun! We also made a video, which I might post if I decide it's not too embarrassing.. :D

Monday, April 25, 2011


Just a little something that I bought in Bik Bok some days ago :-) ♥

air war

Good morning :-) I woke up early today, around 11 am, that's early for me during holidays! Me and my cousin will soon get ready and go to town. We will try to get our manicures done if the salon is open, and we're going to buy a lot of donuts! Have a nice day :-) xo

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I bought a new bag for school, from Bershka. I really needed a new one, because my black a. wang inspired one has a shorter handle, so i have to carry it on my arm, which hurts my back. Also, the corners are really damaged and it's just not a good bag for heavy things, so I'll use it more in town and stuff, rather than school. But this new bag is really (!!) big, like I could fit a football in it, haha, and the handles are long enough for me to carry it on my shoulder :-) I'm happy about it, also because I think it looks really nice :D ♥

Cause I'm looking at you through the glass

Hey, readers ♥ this was me yesterday after my hair got trimmed. It feels so light and nice now :D The shirt I'm wearing is new, also from Bik Bok. This morning I got this weird feeling that I must tidy my room, so I did all my laundry, tidied up my damn messy bed, brought the empty dishes downstairs (i always pile them up somewhere in my room, lol), and so on. Now my room looks real nice :D!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This is definitely my feel good song! Especially when you turn the speakers up. Today I spent the whole day at my cousin's place, trimmed my hair and bought a new bag, and a pyjama which I'm not planning to wear as a pyjama.

Friday, April 22, 2011

D o n u t s ♥

 Today me and Elizabete bought donuts, they were sooooooooo delicious ♥ Mine are the ones in the left box (of course I mostly chose pink ones :D)

Shot yourself in the foot again

This is what I wore today. I actually meant to publish this post before I left my house, but oh well .. :D

Yesterday's outfit

 This is what I wore yesterday when we went to my favourite place to eat, called "Lido", in the evening :-) My little brother took this photo :D It's pretty warm in Latvia now! Also, now I'm getting ready to meet my friend Elizabete :-)