Thursday, June 30, 2011


(dress - mango, jacket - pimkie, bag - modekungen, flats - H&M)
Heyhey! This is what I wore today :) was a lovely day, once again! Although driving school was dead boring..Had a subway sandwich for dinner and now i'm at home watching How I Met Your Mother.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I decided to put up some songs that I like, who knows, maybe you'll like them too :) they're more like dance/techno/dubstep/trance etc. If you feel like dancing, you should listen to them :D If you like a song and you wanna find the name, just click on the "YouTube" part of the player :) Have fun!

You become a part of me

My usual home outfit during 30 something degree days - top rolled up, mini shorts, hair up.. :D The last few days were incredibly hot, but I used the chance to sunbathe a little and yeah, I'm a lot browner. My nose and cheeks are kinda red though x) Anyways I just woke up, I'm so tired so I might take a nap later... But right now I'm just listening to Linkin Park - Figure.09 and singing at the top of my lungs!!!! :D
Later I will watch The Hangover 2, CAN'T WAAAAIIIIITTT !!! And then in the evening I'll head off to Mr Owens' place to babysit his kids. Have a lovely day ♥

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RAF photobomb

@ Arctic Monkeys

@ BFMV ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I guess the pictures speak for themselves.. :-) It was an awesome day with the best people ♥

Monday, June 27, 2011

(sorry, it's for the latvians only) Sveiciens visiem maniem latviešu sekotājiem :) Mani vienmēr iepriecina komentāri un epasti latviešu valodā! Gribēju tikai pateikt kaut ko par Eju tur reti, bet katru reizi kad ieeju, ir atnākušas jaunas vēstules ar manu feiku linkiem.. to ir ļoooooti daudz, to esmu pamanījusi! Tāpēc, gribu teikt ka mans VIENĪGAIS un ĪSTAIS profils ir te> Neesmu es nekāda Elizabete, Kristīne utt., mani sauc Kristiāna Vasariņa! :D Tā kā izmantoju reti, galvenokārt tikai priekš foto apskates un ievietošanas, apstiprinu pilnīgi visas meitenes :D Puišus nekad neapstiprinu, izņemot ja ir pazīstami vai arī ja uzraksta jauku uzaicinājuma tekstu. Lai jums jauks vakars! :)


Hello! Today I woke up half dead: my shoulder and legs hurt, my hair was so huge, my nose and cheeks were and still are totally red, and I'm so hungry :( but i'm about to make this day better! :D The weather outside is going to be very nice, around 30 degrees celsius, obviously I can't stay home in such a nice weather, so I'm gonna hit the park with today and hopefully eat some ice cream and sunbathe a bit :D I'll upload more photos from Rock A Field in the evening :) These are just some of the photos of my randomness yesterday :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glitter nails

On the day before Duke's night, I felt like doing something with my nails, so I found this nice nail polish and some nail glitter (I have loads of these nail art boxes but never use them :/) The paper is important, in order to keep the place clean, you don't want glitter everywhere in your room! First I put one layer of nail polish on, the color isn't actually that important, but I chose this pink one anyways.

Immediately after applying the nail polish, I poured some glitter on the nail and then I shaked my hands a bit so that the remaining glitter would go back on the paper. After each hand, there wasn't any glitter left in the little box, so I folded the paper and poured it all back in.

This is how my nails looked like after pouring the glitter on and shaking some of it off.. :D not so pretty! But I waited some minutes to make sure it's dry. Then I went to the sink and washed my hands, so that the glitter would come off my skin. The glitter might smear off on the clothes and stuff, so I put on a pink clear nailpolish on top of it, as a top layer.

And voilà! It was so easy and looked so nice, I can't believe I didn't try this before :D 
My nails are very short, because I always bite them, or they break, and then I try to file them all to be the same length. Kind of a neverending  cycle.


Tomorrow I'm going to Rock A Field for the 4th time, I can't wait!!! :)  Mostly I am going because of BFMV, they're like my gods for years and years ♥ I love each and every song that they've made, the lyrics are special and they perform so well live! When I saw them in April 2009, it was epic :D! I'm also excited for the Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Wombats, Jimmy Eat World, and Volbeat. The other bands I do not know.. :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

New in: khaki

 I also bought these high waisted shorts at the Mango outlet :) I will iron them, I promise :D
And this cardigan, I got it for 7 euro, reduced from 30. Pretty nice, eh :D The material is really thin, so the jacket isn't heavy at all, i love that :)

PS: This was a scheduled post, but it didn't post, boohoo :(

Khaki dress

 I also bought this khaki one shoulder dress yesterday, for just 7 euro :-) Was reduced from 50! I love the shape and the volume. The material is really nice and soft too :) It'll look good with my brown new look wedges!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's outfit

This was my quick outfit today :D The top is from H&M, I got it at the clothes swap :-) Dr Denim denim leggings, then I also had my peeptoe flats :-)

Crochet dress

It's been a while since I started looking for the perfect crochet dress, and today I finally found it! It was hanging at a Mango outlet, reduced from 60 euro to 25. Bingo! So in love with it already and the picture really doesn't do it any justice ♥ :)

Last night

Me and Alex
Me, Alex, Markus, my sister
Dilan, Pauls, Markus, sister (who had fun making funny faces in almost every photo :D) and me
Last night was seriously epic! I loved it! The streets were full of people and parties, beer everywhere, friends everywhere, newmade friends everywhere, haha.. it was an awesome night :D At the beginning I was with these guys (and some others), but then our group enlargened, more people tagged along, some Finnish 23 year old blondes, who were so nice, haha.. I would write more and put more photos but I'm going shopping today, and I just found out 20 minutes ago that we're leaving in about 15, so I've got yesterdays hair and make up, and just changed clothes.. :D have a nice day!! and happy national day to everyone in Luxembourg :) xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never give up, it's such a wonderful life ♥

This is what I wore today :-) My new top (which kept unbuttoning itself in the front, SO annoying, i think i will glue it together to prevent this in the future) from H&M, bik bok skirt, H&M cardigan, new look headband, and then my black leather jacket ;-)
I finished my exams today and now I officially have summer holidays, so nice! After my exams, I was in Interview, like always, and then got home early in the afternoon and have been skyping ever since.. Nobody has been home all day, and I was so lazy that I didn't make my own food, but now I'd come to the point where I thought I'll die from starvation so I made some mini pizzas :-)
I was hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow, but I've to wake up around 10 cause I gotta go to the police, they want to ask me questions. After that I guess I'll chill in town for a bit and then go home. Probably going to party in the evening, since it's the National day on Thursday, and EVERYONE will be out tomorrow, usually on the Duke's Night I even see grannies and grandpa's drinking in town, haha...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Light pink

I bought this top today :-) It got all crumbled up in my bag.. but i'll fix that :) I can't express how much I love these light, cute colors.. it's a size 40, but fits well as an oversized one :-) I also bought some princessy/cute underwear, hihi :D
This shirt I'm gonna sell.. I love it but I've only worn it one or two times, so I think I better sell it. If you live in Luxembourg and wanna buy it for cheap, then you can send me a mail and we can arrange it :-)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've made a new tumblr! There I will post inspiration photos, random photos of me and my life, and simply photos which I don't post on my blog. I'm still working on it.. but would be amazing if you followed! ♥

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A man dies like a butterfly, life burns from the touch of the reaper

Heyhey :-) Today was a pretty fine day, was a little bit stressful in the beginning but in the evening I spent hours playing cards with the guys @ interview. I love it when I become president 4 times in a row, while playing with guys, it's such a good feeling, haha! Now I'm listening to music (oh yeah, listen to this song above, it's niiiiice), watching How I Met Your Mother and wondering what to eat for dinner, late dinner, that is.. pretty chill evening :D
I also want to say thanks to everyone who's following, commenting, etc, you guys are the best ♥


Me and Anne-Marie (and Hendrik in the background) last night!
Last night was really fun, but I had to already be home around 1 because I had to wake up early today, cause I'm meeting the girls soon to help them with maths. At 15:00 I'm going to a casting. After that I guess Interview :-)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Zsofia gave me her photos from the last weeks/months, so I felt like uploading some of them :D Enjoy!
At Gabriele's house party in the holidays

Krisztina and Samu :)
Amalie and Gabriele :D
Me looking stylish at our clothes swap, hahahah
@ Interview, me and Maria