Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cage The Elephant - In One Ear

Me by Florian De Rosnay
The dentist appointment went fine! :) The anastesia injection didn't hurt as much cause I had my earphones in and felt relaxed, so I, sort of, forgot about the fact that there's a needle in my gums :D However, my cheek stayed numb for ages, in fact, it only went back to normal a couple of hours ago.
Right now I'm in bed, will watch Pretty Little Liars and then go to sleep.. Trying to go to rest a bit earlier, to get used to the school rhythm.. talking about school, tomorrow is the 1st of September which in Latvia is the official first day of school, when all the students go to school dressed up, give flowers to the teacher and have their class photo taken, and then go back home :P I'm gonna meet up Elizabete (the brunette, not the blondie from one of my recent posts) and I guess I'm gonna look pretty weird in my casual jeans and trench coat :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..

Painting my nails shiny blood red, watching Numbers with my mum and trying to drink the daily requirement of water (it's almost midnight and i'm not even half way yet, how miserable). Tomorrow I'm gonna have to go to the dentist, for real this time :/ last time we had to reschedule since we didn't have time anymore. Can't wait to have a needle in my gums, yeaah ...


(Dr Denim Kissy jeggings, H&M Flats (from 2009 :P), Zara shirt)

Razorlight - Wire To Wire

Morning :) it's gonna be a busy day for me, because I've got to pack sooo much since my dad is already leaving to Luxembourg today with almost all our things.. And then we have to go to a party at my grandparents house (the one that is in the same garden as ours, yeah :P), so I'm hoping to get some good food :D
I will also send away my laptop and external hardrive and my zoom in lens, but I've prepared my notebook for posting and editing images, so I'll be able to blog the next days without my main technology things.. :D

Oh, and welcome new followers! And thanks to the old ones, also thanks for the comments and mails, it always makes me smile :))))

Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm in a really bad mood, got nothing to say so I offer another photo of me by Elizabete.


Here are the photos I took yesterday :) the piercing plan failed since the friend of a friend who would pierce our ears was hungover and her hands were shaking, so instead we met up spontaneously in a pretty unexpected company and had a very fun and positive day :) The first picture is me @ Double Coffee, stealing the wi-fi :P

Kristaps and his new hair cut!

Elizabete, with her beaaautiful hair :)
Ieva Madara looking great as always ;D 

Kristaps getting his photo taken at Galerija Centrs street fashion thing

Diana, doesn't belong to me though :D 

Finally bought new earphones, the bass sounds so good from these and they were cheap :D 

Me and Kristaps

Love at first sight

I was browsing through the Topshop website when I stumbled upon these boots and I know I have to get them :D with these my winter outfits will be complete! And they still have sizes 38 and 39, although some other sizes are already selling out fast, so I gotta get some money and make them mine :D

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today's outfit

Heyhey! This is what I wore today :) do you care to know the budget of this outfit? I'm sometimes so proud of my sale findings so I wanna show off, you know ;D (weird, some people show off with how expensive their clothes are, I always have to tell them how cheap MY clothes are!). New Look ankle boots 7 pounds on sale, Cubus white dress/long top 3Ls (less than 5 euros), Gina Tricot cardigan around 15 euro (i wasn't sure if i wanna spend 15 on it, but it proved to be a good buy cause I wear it so often :)), New Yorker bag 12 Ls and H&M scarf 5 euro or something :)

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

Me by Elizabeth Jane Ruben
Good morning sweethearts ♥ I'm up super early (for me :P) because I will soon start to get ready to meet my friend Madara and go somewhere to get our piercings done. I'm really confused about what to wear, since the weather is kind of strange, but I'm thinking a dress, big open shirt or cardigan and ankle boots.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yesterday's outfit

(Bik Bok top, wholesaledress shorts, H&M cardigan, zara belt)
Heyhey! This is what I wore yesterday when I was in town. Today I literally spent the whole day up to around 5 PM sunbathing outside, and again taking a little nap and reading a book to kill some time. Now I'm inside, and will watch a movie. I have a huge movie library on my laptop, I don't even remember which movie is which, so I'm gonna try my luck with a movie called Becoming Jane. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nero - Crush On You

Hey blog! First of all listen to this song, my latest addiction :D I think my Nero obsession is getting a little out of hand ;-)! The visit to the dentist today was successful. Meaning that they didn't have time to check my teeth cause I was the last one from my family, so they will do it next Wednesday :D hahahah I'm such a pussy! But honestly, the thing that I'm most afraid of is when they will numb my mouth, by injecting the anastesia into my gums, which hurts like shiiiiiit ><
After I got home, I sunbathed for 3 hours and read a book meanwhile, also took a nap (to kill some time, since sunbathing is so boring). Tomorrow there'll be 26 degrees and sun, so I'll be doing the same. On Sunday I'm gonna get some new piercings, so excited! (yeah, I'm afraid of a needle in my gums but not elsewhere, LOGICAL, I know)

D E N T I S T today!

Good morning :) thanks for the compliments on the last post! I can't wait to see the other pictures because I really like the way Elizabete does her photos :) right now i'm at the dentist, drinking tea and waiting for my turn. I'm kind of scared, because I know they're gonna make a filling and it hurts ><

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enter Shikari - Juggernauts (Nero remix)

Me by Elizabeth Jane Ruben

Yesterday in the woods

This post will be the randomness of yesterday's pictures with Elizabete and Laura in the woods :D