Monday, October 31, 2011

Black and white

Some recent b/w photos

Sunny autumn

 (dr denim jeans, bik bok jumper, zara belt, no name ballerinas, bershka leather jacket, new look bag, H&M scarf) 
This is what I wore today :) I had my first practical driving lesson. It was so scary! I felt like such a boss when I was driving on the road, until the particularly embarrassing moment when the engine died 3 times in a row, and there were like 20 cars behind me, waiting. Ahhh :D I'll get my licence in about 3 months.. then I'm gonna drive the Land Rover. So weird, little me in such a big car!
Anyway, did you know that the world population reached 7 billion today?! Crazy, isn't it? I just found this website> where you can see exactly how many people there are and the numbers are changing all the time. I wonder what'll happen when it reaches..say, 15 billion? Time for some deep thoughts :D

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last night

 Karlis and Maria

 Oscar and me

 Anne-Marie and Adam 

 Anne-Marie and Maria

Oscar, Anne-Marie, Adam, Maria and me

Some photos from last night, when we celebrated Adam's 20th birthday. It was really nice! We were way more people but somehow a bunch of us decided to take a lot of photos outside instead of inside :D After The Black Stuff we went to Decibel which is near the Atelier :) 

Babyshambles - Carry Up On The Morning

 Just woke up.. with yesterday's make-up, doh! Last night we celebrated Adam's birthday and it was pretty awesome, but I was soooooooo tired, like always actually, so i was home around 1 and watched Desperate Housewives until I fell asleep. I have holidays now and I already got some plans.. I will change my layout, already got an idea. The two sidebar thing will stay the same, because if i change it, i have to change every single post, one by one, like i did last time, which was a year ago, when i didn't have THAT many posts.. (even then I had a lot of work though). Also, tomorrow is my first driving lesson... I'm kind of scared, hah. I also need to take care of university things, like personal statement, also decide which exact uni i wanna go to (i'm soo late with that). I will also meet my friends, will spend some time with Amalie, can't waiiiiit ♥

Saturday, October 29, 2011


 Amalie and Mr Luxembourg (or something) contestant @ Dean. He was really hesitant about taking a photo :D

 I know you guys keep asking me what I use for my hair, and normally I don't do anything but since the summer I've been using this hair silk for the ends :) it's really great! And you can see at the top, how much I've used in 2 months time. I only need a little drop and it's enough :)

 Some of my shoes. Might put a few pairs on sale!


 @ Dean

This is probably the most random post I've ever posted, but I just found some unused images and yea. Last night I was out until midnight or so, then this morning I woke up, enjoyed the first moments of the holiday and now I'm getting ready to go and celebrate Adam's 20th birthday :) Don't know what to wear, ahhhh. Have a great Saturday night ♥

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I recently bought my ticket for EXAMPLE gig. If you've been reading my blog or know me well, you'd know that he's one of my favourite artists :D Also, huge respect to him about what he said about Ke$ha (click here for link). EXAMPLE used to be a rapper, you can easily find his earlier stuff on youtube (: Anyway, here's some songs, for you ♥

Filming part 2

 I found some photos from the filming on facebook, I actually didn't really notice any backstage photos being taken, and I'm not on many of the photos, but anyways, enjoy :D


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is what I wore yesterday at the filming :) Me and Amalie participated in a commercial for a new drink, it was at a bar/club called Dean (@ Clausen). It was really exhausting and I only got home a bit before 12. Even now, in the morning, my whole body hurts, got a severe headache.. but at least it was fun :)
Now I'm gonna get ready for school. Not sure if I can update later today, I mean, I will most likely skip my job interview at Secret Garden (nightclub), because I have to study so much for tomorrow and Friday, since I got two prebacs, and a literature presentation >< doh... Have a nice day!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Got a new light gray hoodie and a new dark gray cardigan from Naketano (click). Have I mentioned how awesome the material of all their clothes is? :D I could sleep in them x)

Today's outfit

 Anyone else notice that I'm pretty much always wearing only dark outfits lately? I only notice it when I'm updating my blog :D 

(Bik Bok trench coat, bag (NEED.A.NEW.BAG!!!!!)

Friday, October 21, 2011


Hey you! It's Friday, and, as usual, I won't be home today. After school, I'm going to get my driving papers done, then I go to Maria's place with the girls, where we'll watch movies and eat lots of fooooood. Then at night we're going clubbing. Have a great Friday ♥

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's outfit

(Leather jacket - bershka, stripe jumper - H&M, skirt (hardly visible on photo) - bik bok, scarf - bik bok, hat - H&M, boots - rules by mary, bag -

Man dies like a butterfly

Good morning :) today is gonna be cold, only 9 degrees and somewhere in the minus during the morning.. ouch. This is what I'm wearing today + a coat(haven't decided which one) and my badass extrabold boots (i sincerely hope they don't kill my feet today......)
I'm off now, this was just a very quick post, gotta run :) Have a nice day ♥

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's outfit

(H&M boys parka, bag, doc martens)

My outfit today was very simple, and mostly to protect myself from the cold and rain (my iPhone weather app lied to me again). Just so you know, I got a 5.5 in my running test, which is much better than my 3 from last time. I didn't have time to update before now, because I started studying as soon as I got home. I'm so sick of school and studying all the time,aaaaghhhh. Can't wait for Friday, when I will have a girls night, first at Maria's house watching movies and eating, and going clubbing to town at night :) Will be so great to catch a break from all this! Now I'm gonna go to sleep, so I could get some proper sleep (for example, today I fell asleep during my German test, lol). Goodnight xo

Beautiful Lies

Good morning :) Half asleep, listening to Chase & Status and getting ready for school. Last night I could not update, since I started studying as soon as I got home. Today I will do my Cooper's Test again, because last time I got a 3/10, and the last two lessons I have a test in German, on the book called The Visit in English and Der Besuch der alten Dame in German.
The weather sucks today, so I'm probably going to wear my Doc Martens.. I might as well start living in them..

PS: I'm NOT naked there.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Today I bought some basics, which are always needed :D A black snood, and a thing that makes my clothes pretty again after a happiness attack from my dogs :D

Aaaand simple black leggings! (bad photo)

Today's outfit

(Denim jacket - Bik Bok, checked shirt - Zara, Black dress - Only, Bag -

Frozen yogurt

Today, I too, finally, tried the frozen yogurt :D It was heavenly, especially the rasberry and chocolate balls part ;) I know I'm probably the last one in Luxembourg to try it, but just in case you haven't, I really recommend it! It's on the street with Loft, Both H&M's, and so on. When you see the soap shop called Lush, just go into the little 'tunnel' and you'll find the place at the end of it ♥

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Started the morning with some fruit. Today, as any usual Sunday, will consist of laundry, chores and homework.. Boring! :)

By the way, I made up my mind about the courses I want to study in Uni. I'm really interested in Retail Management, and Web Design/Internet Technology and ICT. I think in the end I'm gonna narrow it down from 3 to 2 courses. Do you have any suggestions of good uni's in the UK? :) Obviously I'm doing my research but it's always better to hear opinions from real people, rather than the uni websites..