Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last night

Last night I finally met Amalie for the first time in AGES! She just came back from South Africa where she was volunteering to help penguins and monkeys. Missed her so much and it was so great to see her again! Afterwards we obviously went to town to some clubs, before going home. Afterall, the last days have been really great, and I love being back, but somehow I also miss the UK. It's kind of weird to have 3 different homes! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Unseen footage"

Now I know that the word footage describes a movie or a clip but I couldn't resist using that title for this post. I don't have anything new to post so I thought I could publish some photos that have been lying around my computer but never used. About the first photo: as a huge candy lover, I was hugely disappointed with the selection that the shops in UK offered. Until I found out that you can buy this delicious candy at Topshop :D! Wednesday before I left to Luxembourg the people from my house organized a traditional English Christmas dinner, it was so amazing, so fun, so delicious, the best thing ever ♥. The photo only describes the preparation process, afterwards we were 20-30 people around the table, eating from a selection of around 10 different dishes. This must have been my favorite thing to discover that night: Yorkshire pudding! Hearing the word "pudding" I initially thought it was desert, haha. This must have been the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, I poured some meat sauce in the middle and let it sink in and when I ate it, it was absolutely heavenly :D Surely, the spoiler free time is over, I can safely talk about the Gossip Girl series finale? Alright, I'll take in mind that some of you may still have not seen it so I won't go into the details. I thought the episode was great, mostly I was fascinated by Blair's and Chuck's outfits, they went together so nicely and were kind of alternative to the usual outfits you would wear in..ehm..this occasion (trying to be spoiler free, haha). Chuck's sequin bow-tie was probably my favorite part. Last, but not least, I've added some new things to my "shop blog". I have way too many clothes so I need to sell them or something and a lot of people have been asking me when I will finally post new things, so here you go. Click here to go to it ♥

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Autumn weather

This is what I wore when I went to Germany to visit my cousin and her family! The weather was quite awful - nothing like winter. More like non-stop wind and rain, constantly reminding me of the UK. I didn't take too many clothes with me to Luxembourg, which is why I'm wearing my summer clothes here, sort of. As long as I later put a coat on, it's alright, isn't it? And the boots - they must be the best purchase I've made all year, they go with everything and I literally wear them every day.

Outfit details:
Jacket/cape - c/o Sheinside
Top - Primark (thanks to Maria)
Jeans - Dr Denim
Bag - c/o
Boots - Bershka

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Monday, December 24, 2012


Heyhey. After a little break I'm back here.  I've been lacking the time and the ideas of what to post, but I'll do my best to improve on that. Today I went to do some last minute Christmas shopping and tomorrow I'm going to Germany to see my cousin for a few days. Other than that, I'll still be here for another 2 weeks and it'll get even better once Amalie returns from South Africa on Friday, can't wait! I'm off now, kind of starving. Merry Christmas! ♥

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

My winter party staple items

Hey everyone! I've been requests of doing vlogs for a loooooong time and since getting an SLR with the video function I thought I should really use it more often, therefore I made this video today. I already mentioned somewhere that I don't really like the typical vlogs where people talk about their day (that's why I stopped doing it, it just never felt quite right), I rather prefer vlogs with some kind of content. It took me quite a while to edit it as I've never really done it before, and also my hands aren't very steady when holding the camera, but I tried my best. Hope you like it! ♥

PS. Not having had a lot of experience making videos, I sort of messed up the sound a bit ( it's way too high /hurts your ears at some points, doesn't it?), but the problem was that this only happened once I uploaded the video, not on my laptop. Does anyone know how to fix it? Meanwhile, just turn off the sound or something, haha. If I manage to fix it, I'll reupload it! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tan coat

Hey guys, I'm back in Luxembourg since Sunday night. So far I haven't posted anything as we're experiencing internet issues at home, and even more, I'm just spending all of my time with my friends so it has been difficult to find some time. I did, however, manage to snap some outfit photos today. I was actually wearing a new blazer and lots of jewelry which I didn't have time to show as I was in a hurry for my bus, but I'm sure I'll get to that another time.

Outfit details:
Coat - Zara 2010
Jeans - Dr Denim
Scarf - Zara (new)
Boots - Bershka
Bag - ASOS

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas ball outfit

Last night I went to the Snowfall Christmas ball which was James Bond themed, so all the guys had to be suited up and the girls nicely dressed. I bought this dress from ASOS more than a month ago, and I've been waiting all that time to wear it, so I was really happy. Sorry for the dodgy quality of the photos, I'm sure you know how difficult it is to take decent photos with artificial light and flash! I also had curled my hair but by the time we took the photos, it was all gone, as you can see. 

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Friday, December 14, 2012


I'm head over heels in love with my new black glitter Vans! Honestly, I just can't stop staring at them and even wearing them in my room.
Meanwhile, I'm also packing and tidying stuff, because my parents are coming tonight to pick me up! We will first have a day in London and then go back to Luxembourg. Words can't describe how excited I am to see my family, my friends and my awesome dogs! Oh, and my huge wardrobe, double bed and room, I missed it all so much! I will also go tonight to the Christmas Ball on campus, it's said to be very special (it better be, for the 19£ I paid for the ticket!), I'm thinking of wearing my red dress with a naked back that is held together with gold chains. Been saving it for a special event! Anyway, I better get off now and continue packing, so I wish you a great Friday night! ♥

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Chase & Status - Big Man

As you might have noticed, I've been slowly, but gradually, changing my blog (own domain, some layout details, etc.) and now I'm currently in the process of updating (read: completely changing) my FAQ page. A lot of the information is old, and I'd like to construct the page in a Q&A form. I'm already aware of some questions that have been asked quite a lot, but I'd really appreciate if you could have some more input, so go ahead and ask me whatever you want me to answer on the page and I'll do my best to provide you with an appropriate answer! Thanks in advance ♥

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quiet Saturday evening

I'm completely in love with the weekend, the notion of not having to go to lectures or do anything important (or being able to procrastinate it a little). I'm just catching up with the newest magazines, drinking raspberry tea and relaxing. Later in the evening I'll be making sushi which I'm so excited for!
I am really happy about the amount of entries my giveaway below is getting. I, of course, carefully moderate each entry to make sure the participants are not cheating, and I also found it very interesting to read your answers to "what do you want to see more of in the blog?". A lot of you said outfits, which is something I anticipated. Unfortunately, I don't have too many opportunities to get my outfit photos taken, another problem is that it gets dark very early, so it's quite difficult. However, I'll definitely try to improve on that, I kind of felt it myself, that my blog was lacking outfit photos recently. Anyway, I'll shut down my computer and get back to me-time. Have a great evening ♥

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dark Passenger

Thought I could show you my new velvet embellished top courtesy of Romwe. They also have it in white and navy blue, seems like the red one has sold out.  It's one of my new favorite items, kind of exactly what I'm into right now: clothes that are "special" in a way - wether it's studded, covered in pearls or crystal look studs.
I decided to start a "shop blog" where I will sell things I don't wear anymore, or have never worn. My room at university is simply too small to store all these clothes and I continuously realize that I don't even wear most of it. Basically, everything is do-able, wether you want me to ship it to you or actually meet me, all you need to do is send me a mail when you see something you like and we can discuss everything. I've only just started it, but here's the link, I will update more as the time goes by. 

Friday, November 30, 2012


This is what I looked like today
I got a lovely package from Chicwish, which I couldn't wait to receive as I love the items: red sequin collar shirt, white blazer and a fake fur accessory. This seriously made my day! It was such a sweet gesture to send me a little Christmas gift (as you can see in the last photo, it's a special little heart shaped box which I will use for jewellery and such - love these handmade things!) and the card is so sweet too, thanks a lot! ♥

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lost my mind and lost my goal

I'm having a bit of inspiration/motivation crisis or at the moment. Or is it just the weather weighing down my mood.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New to the closet

It's been a while since I showed you my new things! Most of it is sent to me by my sponsors, however I  do shop every now and then too. The first thing is actually something I received today, it's this studded peplum top from AX PARIS. I've been wanting a new peplum top for some time now, because my transparent-back peplum top is a bit too much for daily life. You can get it here.
This is also something I got today, basically my military jacket from Chicwish was a little bit too big for me and I really still wanted one, so I ordered this one from Romwe as a sponsored item. It fits me very well and as soon as it gets warmer again (that might take a while...) I'll start wearing it! Here's the link,  if you're interested to see a better photo! There is only one single item left, though. (PS: just noticed one of the studs is standing a bit weirdly - my bad!)  I got this skirt off sale on ASOS, it was only around 10£ (reduced from 30£). I'm not a big skirt girl, especially during the cold seasons, but I am big on staple skirts. Basically I get a simple skirt that goes with everything and then I wear it for years, and I'm pretty sure this will be one of those! If you're interested, here is the link, however they are selling out quite fast and there is currently only UK size 10 and up. Another ASOS purchase! Just like with skirt, I'm not a big bag girl either, in fact, I find it very hard to find a bag that I like, therefore I wear it for ages, even if it's falling apart (like my studded Wang lookalike a few years ago - remember?). Anyway, I am very happy with this bag, I've actually packed all my other bags away, because I don't actually think I need them anymore after this purchase! It's not a huge bag, it can fit A4, but with difficulties. Not a problem, though, since I don't need to carry too many books after finishing high school. Loving the skinny golden details, by the way! The next item is this wonderfully detailed bodycon mini dress from the Sheinside team. It fits me very well and I can't wait to wear it, although I'm saving it for a special occasion, not just any night. Unfortunately the dress has now sold out. Yesterday I received this color block bag from Chicnova. I have still to wear this bag, but it has such a lovely design (notice the tassels?) that I'm pretty sure I'll wear it soon, despite my love for the ASOS bag above. I also ordered two pairs of boots from Bershka, they were both on a very reduced price and looked like they were good quality. The first pair you've already seen in my outfit post below. This pair is actually made of leather and the suede in the front feels so nice. I love the detailing of it too - in real life it's slightly brighter than in the photo. These heels don't actually have a platform so they feel quite high, therefore I haven't worn them yet, but I'm certain it'll happen soon!

What did you think of my new things and which items did you like best? 

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