Monday, January 23, 2012


Heyhey! :) The photo is one I took today behind the scenes during my shoot for an online and soon to be published on paper magazine :) My day was pretty random.. I had a Latvian prebac, and it lasted from 9 to 1, so I knew I absolutely NEEDED some candy, went to the store and showed up a bit late to the prebac, the teachers gave me judgmental looks so I just hurried to my seat! The prebac was so long, had to write three essays.. afterwards I went to town for some shopping for myself and my sister's birthday gift (happy birthday!), then I had a driving lesson, and then the shoot. Now I'm home, horribly tired... will download Desperate Housewives new episode and go to bed soon. I'll post some more tonight, though. ♥


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of your shoot! You look beautiful in this picture!

    Xx Jorien

  2. you look so feminine and sexy here..

  3. gimme your eyes :) you are so pretty!