Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Avicii - Levels

Eating lunch now (big pasta with my homemade sauce :D) and a fruit/berry milkshake that my sister made and listening to music. Later I will go out of home for some hours, I need to check some things in shops (especially the sales at Sephora that my sister told me about), also check out my new camera which I'll be buying in the next few days, and then I need to meet a friend for a drink in the evening :) ♥


  1. looks yummy!!! :D
    what's the recipe for your pasta sauce? I love making new versions :) <3

  2. hey anon :) normally i take some soya white liquid thing, i add some chicken bouillon. then i fry some bacon, or other meat, mix it with the sauce and then the pasta.. :) i don't know if it's properly done but tastes gooooood