Thursday, January 5, 2012

don't hide your feelings

Pictures from December 2010, more than a year ago!
Today I woke up late, it was stormy and rainy so I just didn't feel like doing anything.. later on, however, I decided to do some school work. I was moderately excited all day long, because I would finally get my new camera, but when we got to the shop in the evening, turns out that they're not in stock and it may take til March to come back in stock because of the floods in Japan...>< damn! It made me so sad.. Might try to order it online, but also they get their stock from Japan, normally..
However, the good news is that tomorrow I'll be busy all day long! It's strange but I like this feeling.. :) First I will drive in the morning, then I will work as a hostess all day until the evening @ Rockhal, and then I'm coming back to Luxembourg town and going out straight afterwards, since there's no time to go home and come back.. :)
I'm excited to work tomorrow, I really can't wait! I'm also most likely going to be a hostess next week Saturday at a Russian gala (if I do it, I'll be wearing leather clothes from Jitrois!!!) Then the 27th of January I'll be working as a hostess at the official presentation of the new drink (the one where I was filmed for the commercial @ Dean).. I'll be giving out free shots all night at M Club, so why not come and see me, haha :D
Now I'm going to head to bed, watch some Two and a Half Men, while eating my milka chocolate, and be excited for tomorrow :D ! Goodnight :) ♥


  1. If you buy your camera at it's cheaper :) I did that. But as you say, they might get their stock from Japan.. :/

  2. you look perfect in these pictures (:

  3. Hey!
    You have really nice blog, and pictures are totally great!:)*