Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but right now I have two exam weeks where I have no school, just exams :P I have an exam every day until Thursday, after which I am absolutely free until Wednesday, again free on Thursday next week and then back to school on Friday next week (and my driving exam). I've got a lot of free time soon, but so far it's very stressing, since these exams will largely affect our final result which will decide whether we get into the uni's we want or not! I'm really stressed, tired 24/7 (fell asleep in my german exam today as well), and as you can see in the pics, I'm sleeping with school papers, hah. Anyway, I could live in these clothes all week, it's so comfortable and nobody cares to dress up for exams (hoodies, sweatpants and big socks are the real deal). Today I had German, which was okay. Tomorrow I have English and I need to prepare because I'll be asked to answer an essay question referencing 3 texts (I'm going to do Blood Brothers, fragment from Taming the Tiger and Clara's Day :P). The exam is 3 hours long, so afterwards I'll just stay in school and study for Maths which is on Thursday.. After studying I have another driving lesson, and I actually really enjoy it now :D That's basically my plan, boring but necessary :D Goodnight! xo


  1. i had one exam today and i'm happy with my final grade. :)
    good luck with your exams! xx


  2. Good Luck in your exams! Get sleep before please so you can do your best!! :)

  3. no problem :) I hope it's ok I used your pictures without asking you before.