Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last night @ Russian gala

(iPhone photo that I found on facebook from last night. From left: Alizee, me, Claire, Maria, Caroline)
Last night the work was great! It was, of course, very exhausting having to walk around in heels for 6 hours straight, but it was a nice experience. The guests were mostly russian, and typically, all the women came very dressed up, some were classical and some were really out of the box... :P Our job was to let the people in by checking if their name is on the list, then we had to guide the guests to their tables.. After that, we could eat so I stuffed myself with the pasta and fruit salad that they were giving the people who were working that night, haha :D After that we, in pairs, had to walk around the room with the tables and go to each person and ask them if they want to participate in the lottery. Each ticket was 25 euro, the money went to SOS villages d'enfants which is an organization tat helps children in Russia. The prizes for the lottery were crazy, the toal worth must've been near 100,000 >< Most people bought some tickets, some even bought 6 or more. The most popular was 2 or 4 tickets, so it was pretty often that people gave us 100 euro notes, haha :D they're all so rich :O Anyway, altogether we got 5500 euros, and me, Maria and Marta alone got 2225 euro, almost half, feels awesome, haha :D Then we had to go to the backstage and help the models to zip their clothes, put on their jewellery, etc, because the next part of the entertainment programme was the Jitrois fashion show! When we finally finished, me and Maria went to Interview for a quick drink and that was it, because we were so tired after all this :D

PS: can you imagine that the tops we're all wearing in these photos cost 750euro?!!??!!?!?! still can't get over it :D


  1. sounds like really great experience ;)

  2. Sounds like "uper east side" thing =D oh God!

  3. Wow that's a great job! I just feel like there's nothing that great going on in France haha! Or maybe just not in my town ^^