Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Heyhey!!! I'm sort of stressing out, preparing myself for the weekend! Tomorrow I'm sleeping at a friend's place after school, therefore I need to prepare my stuff.. Also the next day, a friend is probably coming over so we can get ready before going to town, to our job @ the Russian Gala with our 750euro tank tops, haha :D Plus, I need to do biology homework and revise for a biology minitest (where I'll for sure get 10 ;D).

I also wanted to inform you, that after so many asked me to make a video on how I do my bun, I finally made it today! I will upload it sometime soon, it's processing on Youtube, right now. ♥


  1. this is such a beautiful picture of you!

  2. Tev ir tīīīk skaistas skropstas šajā foto! Ja nav noslēpums- kas tā par tušu? Un vai LV var nopirkt? (to Tu, protams, vari arī nezināt :D)

    Sintija :)

  3. Tu tik skaisti izskaties tajā bildē! :)