Sunday, January 22, 2012


My new Bershka wedges. They're too small, so I'm trying to stretch them with various methods :D 

I'm taking photos of myself all the time since I got my new camera :D 

Me and Victor :P

My wedges from Rules By Mary ♥

This is how I do  my make up :D 

Me and Mariaaaaa

Sometimes when I can't decide which outfit to wear, I take mirror photos and it helps me :P I didn't wear this outfit in the end, though!

Two weeks ago 

Gabriele and Nuno @ Interview :D 

My Bershka heels ♥

Kinda creepy, but I love the grainy effect :)

Occasionally, I feel really hungry at midnight or after.. I used to make really big foods at that time but some days ago I just cut up a paprika and it was so good that I had to take a photo while eating :D Also healthier ! 

With my new brush from Sigma (click)

Me and Antoine! 

Some more camera-whoring, I really should stop this :(

UPDATE: wow, I didn't know you actually enjoy the face photos I take of myself, thanks for the compliments, and I guess I'll continue then :)


  1. haha I like your camera-whoring! :D
    the fourth picture is especially pretty!
    and I sometimes take pictures of my outfits, too when I can't decide what to wear :D

  2. awesome :) ps. i think it's called a pepper not a paprika!

  3. NO, NO, NO, NO!!!
    Don't stop camera-whoring! I love it and think that you should do more of it. I love your face shoots!

  4. You should do more of these face shoots. So pretty!

  5. You're pretty! Nothing wrong with camera whoring haha!

    I love the pictures!

    Xx Jorien

  6. yes, yes do photobombs more often ;)

  7. Have you tried stretching the shoes by filling a ziplock bag with water, putting it into the shoe and then putting the shoe into the freezer? :p