Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's outfit

I'd have taken proper outfit photos outside in the daylight with Maria, had my camera not ran out of battery at that exact moment, so I had to do some good old mirror photos, because I wanted to show you my new jumper again :D it's so warm, but, unfortunately, still leaves hair everywhere :P
Me and Maria went to Jitrois for a fitting today for the Russian gala on Saturday, and daaamn, we're going to be wearing simple black skirt, black heels and a black Jitrois tank top, that simply says JITROIS. Guess the price of the top? 750 euro, yep, that's right. Craaaaazy! I can't wait for this Saturday though, going to be so nice :D
I will now proceed to take a nap, because I'm tired out of my mind.. and perhaps later tidy my room (as you can see in the photos, it's really necessary) ♥


  1. foršs džemperis.

  2. Great blog!
    Kisses from New York:)