Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterday's outfit

This is my super-simple outfit that I wore yesterday :D Maria came to my place, so when we went back to town for working, we decided to take some quick snaps on the way. I was already wearing the clothes for my job underneath, and needed comfortable shoes for afterwards and a warm coat for walking to the Cercle Cité from Jitrois, where the event was hosted. I didn't actually take these photos for the purpose of an "original" outfit post, it was more to test how my camera works outside, because, after having my camera for exactly one week, I had only taken photos inside, and I was dying to know how it works outside. Personally, I'm satisfied with the quality and the colors, still loving my new camera :) ♥


  1. simple, but pretty :)

  2. the pictures look good, so your camera works pretty well outside ;)
    I like your outfit, simple but chic

  3. Your coat is adorable, I love the style and colour <3