Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey blog :-) Sorry for the poor update, but I've been very busy! On Friday night I worked at M Club, started at 10 and finished at 4 AM. Even though it was very tiring, it was really fun and sometimes I enjoy being one of the people who works and earns money at a party rather than one of the people that parties and wastes money at the same time :P My job was to give out shots at the entrance, and there were so many people who said they will only take a shot if I take a shot with them, so in the end I had had like 20 shots or more but I wasn't even drunk :D On Saturday I went to City Concorde, then to Heleret's place for a muffin party with my girls and then I went to cinema with someone at night to watch Sherlock Holmes. Today I woke up early, exercised (my back is calling for help!!!), and then I went to tutor some kids in English. That's a summary of my weekend, I haven't spent a minute on the computer until now : ) Anyways, I'm now reading a book for Language 1 and tidying my room, so I better get going. Will schedule another post for tonight. xo


  1. I think, they didn't mean this type of "shot"...nice pictures (as always)

  2. You look like your sis! ;) thanx for the ring :)