Friday, February 24, 2012

Blogger shopping meeting

Yesterday we had the second blogger meeting, and we went to Saarbrucken for shopping! The main shop where we wanted to go was Primark, so it was the first stop. However, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this blue bubblegum ice cream on the way!

Here we are!

Nathalie and Jenny :) 

After the shopping, waiting for the others. Pic borrowed from Jenny 

Happy girls! (Nora, Elizabete and me) Pic borrowed from Nora

My stuff :)

Going for lunch! Pic borrowed from Jenny

 At Vapiano :)

 Heleret :) YES, she does have a blog! (however I do not know the link to it)

 Pasta carbonara, the best ♥

 Noraaa :) 

 Elizabete :)

Vicky and Emma :D 

This is what I bought :-) I made a very awkward shopping haul video, it's loading now, heh..


  1. I caaaan't wait for the video!! :)

  2. where is the shopping haul video?