Sunday, February 12, 2012

Luxembourg bloggers

From left: Kaori, Aline, Nathalie, Jenny, Mandy, Elizabete, Steffi and me :-) All names, except mine are clickable! Do visit their blogs ♥

After the last successful blogger meeting, which was aaaages ago, we decided to all go shopping to Saarbrucken together :D It won't be the same girls, but most of us (also some that aren't on the picture) will come. I can't wait, it will be the first time I'll shop at Primark, haha :D I'm saving money already :-)


  1. I'm looking forward for this meeting and i can't wait to go to primark!
    Oh and i got the jacket in New yorker it was only 20€ and it's really warm :)x

  2. you and Mandy are pretty similar

  3. Hah, awesome! Give me a buzz if you do go there, moving there tomorrow for the summer term of university. Saarbrücken is awesome for shopping, they have the most amazing shoe stores around the central market place called "fifty-six", you should definitely go there :)

  4. I am excited :) Primark is so big in Saarbrücken!
    Why do so many people think that we are similar? So strange.. kiss

  5. Saarbrücken is awesome for shopping I only live 15km away and it's always worth a trip!
    Went to Primark on Saturday and got looooads of new clothes, they are so cheap!

    I'm sure you'll have fun! :)

  6. looking forward much, especially since there is a vapiano where we can have lunch, and a starbucks for snacks :D haha