Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Since I don't have anything new to share, I'll post another photobomb :) 

Maria by me :-)

Me and Anne-Marie at out secret santa party :)

Me by Maria

At the prebac party (each year the seniors (us :P) have a party after the mid-term exams, and this was OUR party!!!) The theme was modern military, so there were a lot of army guys, nurses, pilots, sailors and terrorists haha, must've looked funny on the streets!

Me by Thierry Delsaux

Our dinner at secret santa party :) It was very special because almost every dish came from a different country! Most of my friends like to cook, unlike me, so I didn't bring any food, just Baileys :D 

Showing my love to winter :P 

At the prebac party again :D 

Me after the shoot with Thierry :D

Marta and Heleret @ secret santa party :) pretty girls ♥


  1. i'm looking at your photos and i don't want photobomb to end haha :) love your blog xx

  2. Hey entretenidas fotos! espero que lo hayas pasado muy bien y lindos outfit!

  3. yay :) another fun photobomb from you (:

  4. ooh and that picture of Marie is absolutely gorgeous ! :)

  5. I enjoyed the photobomb! :) Do you bleach your hair or do you dye it?

  6. in the photo where your with all the guys who are the two guys to the right in army clothes their hot