Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My by Florian De Rosnay

My dogggg :D 

Some weeks ago

New shoes, also new Dr Denim's (identical to my old ones)

@ Heleret's place last Saturday, watching Heleret's brother make tiramisu for his girlfriend :D 

Heleret had the most awesome tea :D 

Waiting at Heleret's place for my friends to arrive.. it was a chill evening :)

Freeeeeaky :D 

At Amalie's birthday party in November.. It was a dress up party and I went as a cowgirl.

Me and Florentia @ Bypass some months ago :)

Me and Jonas, the man! He was a hitman at the party :D

I'm selling my Ray Ban sunglasses.. because I always think they really don't suit me, and they're the only pair of sunglasses I still have, so I'll use the money I get for these + some of my own money to finally buy the Ray Ban cateye sunglasses, I've wanted them for almost a year now! For all you followers, here are some awesome Amazon coupons! Maybe I'll get the Ray Ban cateye sunglasses with these!

Yesterday I met Kate :)

Laughing, like always :D (and yes, there was another cowgirl at the party, behind me, and at some point later  in the evening I challenged her to a dance marathon :D)

Me and Amalie yesterday :) ♥


  1. loving the pictures (; Seriously all of them ;)
    and the first picture is absolutely gorgeous (:

  2. what are cateye sunglasses? I mean I have an idea about it but I'm not sure if it's the right idea oO
    could you give us a link please? :)
    love your pics btw! :)

  3. I wanna cateye sunglasses too o/ they are cuute o/

    btw, nice photoboomb (y)