Saturday, March 10, 2012

Battle of Bands 2012

Last night we had the annual Battle of Bands competition at school. I was the stage manager :-)  I found a lot of random photos from the event on Facebook, so I'm gonna post them. Here in this first photo, the winners have been announced and on the stage we have all of the bands, the backstage crew and Mr Cafferky (with the guitar - he's my ICT and ex-physics teacher). After the winners had been announced, we sang Save Tonight, to close the competition :)

 Mr Cafferky is talking on the stage and the badass security team is in front of the stage :D Do you see Jonas (3rd from left)? From left: Mathias, Hendrik, Jonas, Kimonas, Philip, Callum, Erik, Irenej, Benjamin.

 Here i am :D 

 Waiting for the jury ( they were people from Rockhal, local bands, etc) winners to be announced... :) 

The most stressful part of the night; I had to announce the student vote winners, and it was kind of scary! I've never talked on the stage before in front of a 300+ people audience, and I only found out like 10 minutes before that I'm gonna have to do it haha :P The student vote went to my own personal favorites, also a band full of my friends - Diatribe :D They're really metal guys and Kristian who's their drummer (and also Heleret's boyfriend) is amazing at what he does!


  1. Kristiān, Tu esi lieliska! ;)

  2. Sale de fete! xD