Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion show

Me and Tessy :) 


Nina and me :) 

Saaber, Nina
Here are some backstage pics from the fashion show :-) We walked on the ground floor @ Auchan, and Pimkie ( a shop ) let us use their changing rooms for the preparation and changing clothes. Some of the clothes I wore were really ugly (from Auchan supermarket too hahahah) but I made the skirt shorter, closed the leather jacket so the top doesn't show and I think it looked pretty decent in the end :D Anyway, my parents took a lot of pics and also the organizers did, so hopefully I'll be able to post some of the actual work photos. Altogether I walked 72 times, because the "catwalk" was on the ground and it wasn't super long, each time we had to walk twice :)


  1. Your eyes in the first photo look realy amazing...

  2. I think I saw you that day :)
    And Tessy and I were together in one classe some years ago, still friends. Lover her!