Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scheduled random picture post

 Recently I've bought quite a few nailpolishes! 

 Me and the girls went to a chinese restaurant and Smoojoo (frozen yoghurt place) at lunch on Thursday. Awesome! 

 My "usual" one is the one with rasberries and black chocolate balls :) 

 An impulse buy, this H&M jacket.. It's a really soft material, and it was on sale.. why not? Love the way it looks on me, the picture doesn't do it justice ):
Had to buy a nude colored bra for the fashion show.. Just found a cheap one at H&M. While I was searching for it, the guy who works there (it's the one in town with DIVIDED), the stylish one who is always downstairs, asked me if I've been in Luxuriant magazine for Extrabold. I love it when I get recognized, it's definitely a confidence boost for the whole day!

Since this is a scheduled post, right now I'm at LMFAO concert, hopefully having fun :D


  1. What Beautiful you are!

  2. I do have the same jacket from H&M , I love it ! With a black dress, or jean it's amazing :)