Thursday, March 15, 2012


A few years ago I made a very lucky buy - it was a 50 cent H&M eyeshadow brush, it was perfect and lasted me for ages, until I forgot it at a friend's place (I think Maria's) and couldn't find it ever since :( Anyway, yesterday I decided to buy a new one because since then I've been using some really crappy ones, from like those Barbie make up sets that I had when I was a kid haha. This one was 17 euro, but I think it's a good price considering the fact that it has two brushes. It's made specially for smokey eyes : ) I'm also excited about the purple/pink color, I'm such a girl in this way :P


  1. the design is really pretty! hope it works as well as the one you left at your friends!


  2. This one is super cute! I love that it has colors haha. I have a brush for powder in a pink color, not letting it go.. ever :D